Sub-meter (Grid Radar)

Grid Navigator’s Sub-meter device is a wireless three-phase sub-meter that accurately reports the energy consumption of a three-phase, or single phase load. The wireless feature allows easy installation and integration with Grid Navigator’s HVAC and lighting systems. The Sub-meter includes current transformers that are factory calibrated to measure active energy over a wide range of current fluctuation with less than 1% error.
The three-phase design allows system managers to measure the active, reactive, and apparent energy usage by monitoring each phase. When integrated with Grid Navigator’s intelligent wireless control system, the Sub-meter provides facility managers with the critical information necessary to provide occupants’ comfort, to accurately program energy usage, and to ensure maximum energy savings.

Model #: GN-RD-001,4

Features Benefit
Wireless Communication
  • Easy installation for new buildings or for retrofits.
  • Wireless connection through Grid Navigator Bridge.
  • Allows remote reporting and alerting.
  • No wires to pull through walls or conduit.
Digital Calibration
  • Accurate reporting with less than 1% error in active energy measurement over a wide current dynamic range.
Calibrated clamp-on current transformers
  • Radar package includes all parts required for a complete installation.
  • Pre-testing ensures accuracy of the entire system.
120VAC to 480VAC, Wye or Delta configurable
  • Suitable to a wide variety of HVAC, Lighting, or other installations.
Three phase system
  • Supplies critical information by monitoring phase voltage from each phase to neutral:
    • Active energy
    • Reactive energy
    • Apparent energy
    Simultaneous RMS calculation on six analog inputs:
    • 3 AC inputs
    • 3 current sensors
  • Reports detailed system performance for:
    • Peak voltage and current detection
    • SAG line voltage detection
    • Reverse power detection (active and reactive)
    • Line period or frequency
LED Indicators
  • Displays status of the 3 voltage phases plus RF connection and RF activity.
Electrical Service Type Line to Neutral (VAC) Line to Line (VAC) Radar Power Source Radar Model Number
1 Phase 2 Wire 120V with Neutral 108 - 132 n/a ØA and N GN-RD-001
1 Phase 3 Wire 120 / 240V with Neutral 108 - 132 216 - 264 ØA and N GN-RD-001
1 Phase 2 Wire 208V no Neutral n/a 187 - 229 ØA and ØB GN-RD-004
1 Phase 2 Wire 240V no Neutral n/a 216 - 264 ØA and ØB GN-RD-004
3 Phase 4 Wire Wye 120V with Neutral 108 - 132 187 - 229 ØA and N GN-RD-001
3 Phase 3 Wire Delta 208V no Neutral n/a 187 - 229 ØA and ØB GN-RD-004
3 Phase 4 Wire Wye 277V with Neutral 249 - 305 432 - 528 ØA and N GN-RD-002
3 Phase 3 Wire Delta 480V no Neutral n/a 432 - 528 ØA and ØB GN-RD-003
POWER Powered from Internal Power Supply connected
to sensed line voltage. +/- 10% of nominal. 150mA max.
OPERATING CONDITIONS -40 to +65 C 0% to 90% RH
RF INTERFACE 2.4GHz 802.15.4 +19dBm
RF RANGE Up to 1000 ft. depending on architecture
HOUSING Polycarbonate UL94-V0 UL508 Approved
5 LED INDICATORS 3-Phase Voltage Status, RF connection, RF activity
DIMENSIONS 8.692" x 4.755" x 2.461