Inside Fixture Controller (IFC) 120V - 277V

The GridNavigator IFC provides intelligent lighting control for commercial and industrial buildings. It controls lighting (On/Off and dimming) via a secure wireless network. The IFC works with almost any brand of new light fixtures as well as a retrofit option for fixtures with 0 to 10-volt dimmable ballasts and LED drivers. Each device can control one for more fixtures and can be individually addressed or grouped with other smart devices for the maximum control flexibility. The integrated antenna allows the controller to intelligently respond to sensors and to switches for automatic energy savings with a level of occupant comfort not previously possible with control restricted to electrical circuits.

GridNavigator’s gateway platform—unlike vulnerable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems—allows simple remote commissioning, flexible scheduling, and secure building integration. It is integrated with the Apple iPhone and Android phones.

Model #: GN-DX-001

Features Benefit
Standard 0-10 VDC dimming and On/Off control Compatible with most new or existing lighting fixtures
Reduces energy costs and extends the life of LEDs with its dimming feature, resulting in greater operational savings
Ideal for retrofits with existing commercial LED fixtures
Mounts directly inside or on top of light fixtures Simple installation
Monitors, measures, and records energy consumption and runtime data Reduces energy costs
Qualifies for most federal and state rebate programs as well as utility incentives
Integrated internal antenna Robust, reliable and secure 2.4-MHz wireless network with a future-proof design
Firmware is updatable over the air
Highly distributed control system eliminates single points of failure
Web-based commissioning and managing for distributed lighting control Allows flexibility to individually address fixtures typically limited to zone control or to create new lighting zones without additional wiring
Non-volatile memory Retains data—settings are not lost in the event of temporary power outages
General Specifications
RF Frequency ISM Band - 2.405 to 2.475 GHz
RF Range Up to 2000 ft (indoor) 4000 ft (open air)
RF Output Power 20 dBm (100 mW)
RF Reception Sensitivity -102 dBm
Antenna Internal
Wires 10-24 AWG
Warranty 5 year limited
Weight 4 oz.
Dimensions 5.370" x 2.625" x 1.250"
Weight 4 oz.
Operating Environment Indoors/Outdoors in all-weatherenclosure
Operating Temperature -40° to + 65° C
Operating Humidity Range 0% to 95% RH
Storage Temperature -40° to + 90° C
Certification UL 916 and CAN/CSA C22.2 #61010-1
AC Input
Line Frequency
120 VAC +/- 10% & 277 VAC +/- 10%
50 Hz -60 Hz
4.5 W maximum
DC Output
0 to 10 VDC
± 50 mA
Vout and DC Ref./GND (+control and –control) are fully isolated from AC input, neutral, and relay