Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Control System

GridNavigator lighting solution version II is the most reliable & comprehensive wireless control system for both indoor & outdoor lighting. Each wireless node (inside Fixture Controller – IFC) uses a proprietary RF signal with embedded encryption to communicate with a Bridge Router. Each Bridge Router supports up to 30 nodes while maintaining a rapid response time. Large installations are supported by daisy chaining the Bridge Routers using Cat5 cable to create a star network of Bridge Routers. The most challenging task when modernizing commercial and industrial buildings is how to balance the cost of the control system and its installation with reliability of the solution. GridNavigator’s latest lighting solution (version 2.0) was specifically designed and developed to address these requirements. Each node has a range of up to 4,000 feet (open air). When combined with the network of bridge routers, this allows for easy and reliable wireless coverage in any type of building. A 5,000 square foot standalone restaurant/ bank branch or 500,000 square foot warehouse would be equally well served by our system. The installation of the GridNavigator lighting system is performed using a smartphone app (available on iOS and Android). The “GNAV Installer” app is simple and intuitive hides, and can commission each bridge router with 30 nodes in less than 2 minutes. The app also provides a wireless signal strength report for each node, so the installer can make any needed adjustments to the network immediately. GridNavigator total cost of ownership (TCO) ranges from 10-15% of the cost of the fixture. The average payback period for the GridNavigator lighting control system ranges from 12-18 months. The GridNavigator lighting control system also provides a glass touchpad wall console for the tenant’s control, as well as a smartphone app for the facility managers and owners.