Pole Sensor (Dimmable)

The GridNavigator Pole Sensor is an easily-installed and inexpensive add-on module for industrial light fixtures, enabling them to minimize their power consumption in sporadically-occupied areas of commercial buildings. This is accomplished by the use of a relay that can switch off the fixture’s power supply, or a 0 – 10V dimming signal that can control a compatible LED light fixture to reduce its light output. Both the desired light level and the motion timeout can be controlled by adjusting two potentiometers through the sensor’s casing.

Passive Infra-Red occupancy sensor

Model #: GN-PS-001

The motion sensor is controlled using a smartphone app, and has two remotely-controllable settings: TIMER DELAY and DIMMING. These settings are adjusted as follows:

These parameters can also be controlled from a schedule, in addition to switching the light itself on and off. This enables facility managers to operate light fixtures in motion-sensing mode during night time, dimming lights when the area is unoccupied and leaving the lights off during the day.