Programmable Time Switch (PTS)

The GridNavigator Programmable Time Switch is a wirelessly-controlled device that can switch electrical loads of up to 30 Amps on and off in tandem. It can be controlled manually from a smartphone, or it can be scheduled to turn on and off at different times of day, or in accordance with an astronomical clock. The Time-of-day scheduling system automatically adjusts for changes in daylight savings time, and the astronomical clock is automatically adjusted for seasonal variations in sunrise and sunset time. These scheduling features combine to eliminate the need for any day-to-day adjustment of the device, allowing for full hands-off operation.

Model #: GN-PTS-001

Features Benefit
Wireless Communication
  • Easy installation for new buildings or for retrofits.
  • Wireless connection through Grid Navigator Bridge.
  • No wires to pull through walls or conduit.
  • Easy installation for complete GridNavigator light control systems.
High Current
  • Incorporates a dual contactor, capable of driving two loads at up to 30A.
Time-of-day Scheduling
  • Schedule by day of week and time of day.
  • Time zone is detected automatically.
  • Daylight savings adjustments are automatic.
Astronomical Clock
  • Easy configuration from building address.
  • Switch on and off at fixed offsets from sunrise and sunset.
  • Automatically calculates sunrise and sunset times.
Smartphone Integration    Use your smart phone to perform:
  • Installation.
  • Real-time control.
  • Schedule setup.
Manual override
  • Heavy duty physical switch allows an immediate override to switch both loads on.