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Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Wash., has installed an energy forecasting service that GridNavigator and ATS Automation say will add 3-5 percent savings and reduce energy demand by 7-10 percent across the more than 30 facilities on the 50-acre campus. View

Gigaom: 13 energy data startups to watch in 2013: GridNavigator’s software and cloud-based service perform energy consumption forecasts throughout the day to help building managers manage their power consumption. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Redmond, Wash. View

Software startups that are offering similar services include GridNavigator and Smart Grid Billing. View


The National Automobile Dealers Association recently introduced what it's calling a fully automated online energy usage survey [Carbon Index] as part of a national effort to understand energy consumption trends among dealerships in the United States. NADA explained that data derived from the survey will aid in the development of a national ENERGY STAR energy performance scale for dealerships by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). View


The National Automobile Dealers Association has launched an online energy usage survey as part of a national effort to understand consumption trends, with an aim of developing an Energy Star performance scale for dealerships. NADA member dealerships will complete the automated survey, created in partnership with leading energy management systems provider GridNavigator, by entering energy usage data and other key dealership information. EPA will analyze the anonymous information as it develops the scale. View


Facilities managers who are trying to get a better grip on energy usage patterns throughout the day — so that they can figure what a building might use in the future — might want to consider a new forecasting service from GridNavigator. GridNavigator is an integration and OEM partner for Echelon, the energy control networking company. It’s new forecasting service works in the cloud to analyze historic data, usage patterns and weather predictions to help provide a more accurate sense of how much power an office building or manufacturing site might use during the day. View


The ability to predict energy use and do something about it will become more important as businesses look for ways to reduce costs and use energy more efficiently. A startup called GridNavigator is launching a software and cloud-based service on Monday that performs energy consumption forecasts throughout the day to help building managers manage their power consumption. View

GridNavigator is a startup providing ways to best use energy, and has made a new announcement about a product they hope will change the way that people look at energy: a forecasting service that provides end users with an intraday demand management program. The program is designed to give users a way to keep tabs on the demand for power in real time by demonstrating "critical energy spikes, usage patterns and specific events that contribute the most to peak demand surcharges" according to the company. View