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November 20, 2016

GridNavigator Releases a new dimmable occupancy sensor for commercial and industrial buildings

GridNavigator, a manufacturer of smart devices for the commercial market, announced today the availability of a new dimmable fixture-mount occupancy sensor. This occupancy sensor can dim any compatible light fixture to a user-controlled dimming level when its surroundings are unoccupied. Traditionally, fixture-mount occupancy sensors are not dimmable and have only 2 modes, on and off. However, the mass-market adoption of LED light fixtures allows for automatic dimming control through a standard 0-10V control interface, delivering end-user savings without compromising the safety and comfort of building occupants. GridNavigator’s occupancy sensor provides local savings at each fixture combined with GridNavigator’s PTS (Programmable Time Switch) that provides control and savings at the circuit level.

“There are many applications where legacy motion sensors with only an on/off control feature are not applicable. We use GridNavigator’s dimmable occupancy sensor for garages and warehouses which cannot be off when unoccupied, although dimming is allowed.”

– Chuck Greway, Principal, Greway Electric

About GridNavigator

GridNavigator is a leading provider of intelligent energy management systems (EMS) for commercial & industrial applications. It offers the industry's first intraday energy forecasting service. The company was founded in 2009 and has customers in the education, government, property management and healthcare sectors. More information is available at