HVAC Control


GridNavigator’s Smart Thermostat is full featured but simple to use, proving accurate control of small commercial HVAC systems. It features a high definition touchscreen and sophisticated energy management software that enables small businesses to take control of their energy costs. The simple programming and intuitive display make it easy for both facility managers and tenants to use. A local override limits user changes, ensuring the greatest energy savings. It is designed to increase comfort during business hours and minimize waste during vacancy hours. Data and remote control are provided by the GridNavigator's mobile app and web portal, allowing users to manage multiple facilities across portfolios remotely.

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All-in-one Sensor

GridNavigator’s All-in-One Sensor is a flexible multi-purpose remote monitoring device, containing four sensors packed into one unit. It is a wireless light sensor that tracks and monitors lux levels, perfectly suited for daylight harvesting applications. It contains a motion sensor for smart lighting controls. It has an ambient temperature sensor and a detachable temperature sensing probe for freezers and cooler with a real-time alerting capability. It can be powered from a battery or from a power cable, and is designed for simple installation and an unobtrusive appearance. The GridNavigator All-In-One Sensor combines lux measurement, passive infrared, and ambient temperature measurement, which is transmitted wirelessly to networked devices.

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